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The Upside of Empathy: Standing Out and Breaking Through in B2B Marketing

In this episode, Mack and Gary get real on empathy’s unheralded role in B2B marketing. They break down the five stages of awareness – a framework for deeply understanding your customer’s journey to create resonant campaigns that drive results. Get tactical tips on infusing empathy throughout your content, messaging, and positioning.

Learn how customer research informs compelling narratives that speak to pain points and aspirations. Discover why empathy is your differentiator in an AI-driven world, allowing you to forge authentic human connections that cut through the noise.
Walk away with an empathy-powered game plan for standing out and breaking through with marketing that truly resonates.
In this episode:
– Why the traditional marketing funnel is failing B2B marketers
– Why broadcast, one-size-fits-all marketing falls flat
– How prioritizing product over customer understanding holds you back
– The risks of generic marketing in an AI content-saturated world