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From First Click to Closed Deal: Marketing’s Untapped Impact on the B2B Sales Pipeline

In this episode, Mack and Gary dive deep into the crucial role marketing plays across the full B2B sales pipeline.
They challenge the common belief that the marketer’s job starts and stops with the MQL, exploring how marketing can be a powerful force in driving opportunities and revenue.

Discover practical strategies to align marketing and sales, innovative ways to re-engage closed lost deals, and how marketing can arm sales teams with the insights they need to personalize outreach and close more deals.
Walk away with a fresh perspective on marketing’s role in the B2B sales ecosystem and actionable ideas to unlock its full potential in your organization.
In this episode:
– Why the MQL-only mindset is holding back your B2B sales success
– How to break down silos and foster true marketing-sales collaboration
– Using data to create compelling, contextual sales experiences
– The hidden opportunity in closed lost deals, and how to seize it
– Measuring and communicating marketing’s full-funnel impact on revenue