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Scale your agency without hiring a COO.

I help agency owners grow to 8 figures in annualized revenue through improved operations, fulfillment, and management processes.

Who I work with.

I provide consulting + coaching services to agency owners who want to ramp up growth without working 90 hour weeks & feeling like the wheels are falling off.

The agencies I work with have clear product/market fit, are experiencing strong traction, and have a team of 10-20 full-time people and contractors, but are struggling with:

I’m best suited for agencies under $5M in annual revenue with under 20 employees.

I work with agency leaders who are adventurous, self-aware, and committed to growth. They want to bring the best version of themselves to their daily work and strive to create positive experiences for both their employees and their clients.

My core operational principles.

Process Documentation

An agency needs effective SOPs for all core services and a system to store, organize, access, and update that documentation consistently over time.

Project & Knowledge Management

An agency needs systems and software for managing client projects, team resources, and internal knowledge assets, with clearly communicated protocols and workflows for operating each of them.

Hiring & Onboarding

An agency needs systems and software to manage the full-funnel recruitment, interview, and new hire onboarding process, including role expectations, test projects, evaluation criteria, training assets, and progression tracking.

Training & Innovation

An agency needs clear internal training progressions for core growth tracks, up-to-date training systems and assets, and internal systems for capturing strategy innovation, vetting new processes, and rolling out new learnings to the full team.

Technology & Automation

An agency needs a modern tech stack to power internal processes and leverage automation to boost efficiency, strengthen communication, foster collaboration, and surface key insights to drive continuous improvement.

Remote Comms & Collaboration

An agency needs the right mix of systems, processes, and technology to optimize internal communication and collaboration for both synchronous and asynchronous engagement to facilitate all-remote or hybrid-remote agency work environments.

My approach.

Unlike hiring a full-time Director of Operations or COO before you’re ready to, and then hoping they ramp up over the course of 6-12 months, I’ll help you zero in on opportunities that unlock profit in month one.

Then we’ll systematically break down six core segments of your business to identify weaknesses and map out the actions needed to unlock growth. I listen deeply, ask hard questions, and give you direct and candid feedback.

We’ll produce a custom operational roadmap that you and your team can execute on with weekly or bi-weekly checkpoints to provide support, stay accountable, and drive momentum.

We’ll work together for either an hour every week, or hour and half every other week, depending on the phase of your roadmap. I’m available by text or email outside of that for times where you might need some guidance before our next call.

Limited spots available.

Once we decide to work together, you’ll have a spot secured with me for as long as you need. You’ll have 1:1 access to me throughout the duration of our partnership.

Some agency owners need surgical help with something specific for 4 - 6 months. Others work with me doing deep work to develop their operational leadership for a few years.

Rate: $3,000 monthly retainer

Here are some examples of areas I’ve worked with agencies on. This will give you an idea of what types of reasons agency owners come to me for coaching.

Interested in working together?

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