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More about me.

My name’s Gary and I’m passionate about creating content that connects with an audience and inspires action.

Where I’m coming from.

My professional marketing journey started in SEO, where the primary channel objective for the last 20 years has been to create web content that Google features highly in its organic search results.

Along the way, I realized that content shouldn’t be created just so that it can rank in Google. No, truly effective content strategy needs to be crafted with the audience at the heart of it, with empathy for their pain points and challenges, and a message that resonates long after they’ve left the page.

Today, I work with organizations to construct (and deconstruct) content-led growth programs that are truly customer-centric and optimized for discovery across all modern paid and non-paid distribution channels, including search, social, email, and more.

Here's what I'm up to.

Strategy at Magneti.

Magneti is a digital marketing + brand agency that I’ve worked with over the last 7 years, leading their SEO department as a contractor. In 2023, I’ll be joining the team full-time to head their digital strategy department, helping level-up the agency across client services, practice innovation, business development, fulfillment operations, and more. I’m incredibly excited to go super deep with this team and create something that truly stands out from a client services perspective.

Marketing at Contrast House.

Contrast House is a real estate photo + video production studio that I co-founded in 2022. We’ve been building out the business as a side-project and are now ready to go to market in 2023, serving up editorial-style listing photography and cinematic video home tours for some of the best real estate agents in LA. Real estate is a space I’ve been invested in for 20 years and I’m stoked about the quality of product that we’re bringing to a market that desperately needs it.

Creating at Hopped.

Hopped (formerly Hopped LA) is a craft beer passion project that I developed as a hobby back in 2014. Today, its the primary source of craft beer-focused news, guides, videos, and podcasts for the LA and Southern California market. It’s been a wild roller coaster ride building this into a side business, and I’ll spend the majority of my time this year focused on hiring and delegating, improving systems and processes, and of course creating content around craft beer stories that I’m personally drawn toward.

Consulting at Highrise.

While I’m winding down existing client projects and retainers for the new year, I’ll be opening up space for a VERY limited number of coaching and consulting opportunities that align with my “zone of genius” and areas of interest. This includes crafting digital strategy and content led-growth programs for clients, designing modern branding and website experiences for clients, and coaching agency owners and leadership teams on strengthening their operational efficiency to unlock growth.

How I can help you.

If you’re the leader of a B2B or B2C organization looking to grow the revenue driven through your website, I have solutions that can help you.

If you’re an agency owner who’s looking to improve the efficiency of your internal operations in order to scale growth, I have solutions that can help you.

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